Is Smoking Hookah Bad For You?
is smoking hookah bad for you?

Is Smoking Hookah Bad For You?

Is Smoking Hookah Bad For You & Your Health?

The short answer would be, yes. Smoking hookah is bad for various reasons. It can offer the same negative effects of ciggarettes due to the fact that it still constains nicotine.

Many of the harmful effects of ciggarettes are caused due to the nicotine. Negative effcts of smoking hookah are discovered during a study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

Although some poeple think ciggarettes have less toxins than hookah, the amount of toxic exposure is more based on how much you smoke. Reference below for a detailed article about the dangers of smoking hookah for more detailed information on why hookah is bad for you.

Smoking Hookah Once A Week Is Not As Bad As Smoking A Pack A Day

Smoking hookah once a week will provide your body with much less toxins than one pack a day will. On the other hand, smoking hookah 5 times a day will offer more toxins than smoking just a couple of ciggarettes a day.

So it all just depends on how much you smoke. Anything you smoke is considered bad for you, but if you limit your smoking, then it will not be as bad.

Quality Of  Tobacco Matters


The quality of the hookah tobacco or cigarette tobacco you are smoking makes a difference on how bad it is for you. Certain tobacco has much more chemicals and/or nicotine than others. The cleaner the tobacco, the less it will effect your health.

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